Desert Gate Tourism
Dubai and Oman

Key Selling Points

Address Dubai and Oman
Desert Gate really do offer the finest, personalised service to all of its premium partners and their mutual guests, which is where their mission statement of ‘Your journey is our passion’ is born from. Each premium partner receives a dedicated Account Manager, making the process of building relationships, enquiries, bookings, accounting and all other matters much easier through one central contact. Alternatively Desert Gate can provide you with a online booking tool available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Desert Gate boasts numerous selling and points of differentiation from having the UAE offices open 7 days a week, covering UK hours also to a fantastic tracking system for their vehicles which will mean you customers will never be picked up late for any transfer or excursion. Finally, led by the CEO Mr Samir Tabbah it allows Desert Gate to offer specially negotiated / exclusive rates with key hotels across the UAE and Oman and allows them build unique packages and experience always with the customer at the heart of each decision, with a competitive price.

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